October  2010                                            website:    www.homertownship.org
Chad Moody

It is hard to believe fall is here.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe summer.

I would like to make you aware of sport-related facilities in the township.  For soccer players, we now have soccer fields with goals at the park on South Homer Rd.  As always there are baseball diamonds at the Homer Township Hall as well as on South Homer Road.

We can’t forget the hockey players.  There are a couple of options available at the park on South Homer Road.  For three seasons you have been able to roller blade at the rink when there is no snow, and then in the winter, we keep ice in it for ice skaters.

We have roughly 35 volunteer seasoned firemen in Homer Township.  They have kept us safe and we appreciate all that they do.  Thanks to all of you!

I would like to give you an update on road projects that took place this year.  We completed ditch work on Five Mile Road, and paving on Costly and Phillips Roads.  The Midland County came back and re-chipped and sealed some areas that didn’t take last year.  The Bridge


work on Homer Road was finally completed. If you have road projects you would like to recommend, please contact me and let me know so it can be discussed for possibilities for next year.

Please pay attention to your winter tax bill and make sure you are getting the correct principle resident exemption.  If your home is your primary residence and you don’t run a business out of the home, that should be 100% PRE.  This allows you to have the lowest millage rate. Through the Midland County website you are able to find all sorts of information.  If you need help navigating through it, please call so I can assist you.

Building permits were up this year so it is encouraging to hear residents are making improvements to their homes.  Thanks to all the residents who take pride in their home and surroundings to make Homer Township a clean and nice looking township.

The Board is trying to put the past decisions and problems with Water District #1 behind us and move forward with the solutions made.  I am always available for friendly discussions on this matter.

At any time you are welcome to call me
if you have questions or concerns.

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