Supervisor                           Chad Moody




There has been road work done in parts of our township.  Olson and Pine River

 Roads were chipped and sealed.  Drainage work has been done on Cheryl Rd. and Smith Ct.   We were able to save a few dollars and would like to squeeze in another drainage project before winter comes.  As always, you can call me up until January with any road project suggestions for next summer.  The board discusses all options before bids are sent.


FYI…..The city has been working on Sandow Rd. and anticipates completion by November.  The bridge on Homer Rd., south of Olson Rd. , will be reconstructed with a semi- completion date of November 30, 2009.  This project was paid for by a grant from the state of Michigan to the county road commission.  In addition, a section of Pine River Rd., east of Badour Rd. , is getting an inch and a half overlay paid for with federal stimulus money.


The new flood plain mapping from FEMA took effect in May.  It affects just over one hundred township residents.  If you received a letter from your mortgage company recently regarding this matter, then you know you are in the flood plain.  There are certain restrictions if you live in one of these areas, so you




must allow more time to accomplish a renovation project.  If you received a letter, and have questions, please call me. 


We have a couple of new soccer goals in Homer Park this year.  They were donated by Bullock Creek Schools.  Thanks to Bob Linton, soccer coach for Bullock Creek, for his help in getting this accomplished. ALSO, the ball fields there will be graded and reseeded this fall in order to be ready in the spring.  A big thanks to the Westtown Ball Association who has offered to get this job done for us.  I want to thank all of those who’ve helped keep this park in great shape.  AND…..Just a reminder that the gates will close November 1 for the year. and then reopen on April 1. 


For winter, the ice rink will be watered and then opened as soon as possible so we can have ice in a timely fashion.  Did you know that our ice rink is lit for most of the night for those of you to skate after work/school?  Enjoy!


If you would like to consider being a volunteer for a commission or project in our township, please stop by and complete a questionnaire for future use.  We can always use people’s ideas and help. 


Happy Holidays!  Look for our next newsletter in the spring!

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