Homer Township Newsletter

Volume XV____Number 2_______October 2003

Not much in the way of an opinion. This restraint gives me great difficulty when I write this column. The newsletter is funded by Homer Township and this puts a constraint on any personal opinions, and especially anything construed as campaigning. This reason also prevents publishing letters
from. residents containing their opinions. The FREEDOM OF THE PRESS as it relates to this newsletter is to print facts only. ONLY THE FACTS MA'AM!!

Barb Radosa, Supervisor 835-5671



Another year has gone by but not like any other year that is for sure. Major changes in my life have occurred, we have survived our first summer tax with the inevitable snags and rough going that new procedures bring.

Speaking of the summer tax, those of you who decided to delay paying the tax until the winter tax collection, remember that a 1 % penalty will be added for each month unpaid after September 15, including September. Those of you who qualified for a deferment, have until March 1 to pay the summer tax without penalty.

Now for the winter tax 2003

Did you move into the township as a new owner/resident within the last year?

If yes,
Did you complete a homestead exemption application and lor homestead exemption recision on a previous homestead?

If yes,
Make sure that you check your tax bill for 100% homestead. If it is not there, call Barbara Radosa by Monday, December 8.

Corrections can be made if the tax bill is in error. If you wait until a later date, you may have to wait until the July Board of Review to get it corrected.

If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second question, you should call Barbara Radosa, get the proper forms, complete them and make sure you get them back to her. It might not help this year, but it will next year.

If you have been a long time resident, it is still a good idea to check your homestead.

Another question. Do you have only one solid waste assessment on your tax bill? It should be $110 if you have only one pickup. If it is more than $110 and you don't have more than one household at your address, call me so we can get it corrected. (This does not include commercial pickups.)

My hours will be the same this year as they were last year - - Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. I will also be open on Monday, March 1, 2004, and be available for appointments if the regular days and hours are a problem. Please call before coming - don't plan on dropping by and catching me home.

The last day to pay taxes without penalty is Monday, March 1, 2004. For those who want to pay by December 31, please note that I will be open on the 31st.

If you have a mortgage company and it doesn't show on your tax bill, check with me or your mortgage company to make sure they have the bill.

Have a wonderful fall and holiday season.

AI Tew__________ Treasurer__________ 631-3422


From The Clerk

This has been a very busy last few months. One of the hardest projects so far this year was getting the QVF (Qualified Voter File) system from the State working properly.

The Clerk's office is open almost every day. You can come in or call me and get many of your questions answered.

Pam Varner takes care of all the hall rentals and her number is 832-9618.

As we now come to the close of summer and the fall yard work starts, remember that yard waste collected can go out to the road for pickup. However, you will need to have yard waste tags. The tags may be purchased from the Clerk's office for 75 cents each. You may put the yard waste in a 30 gal. container or you can purchase bags from local hardware stores. When you need disposal of the bags, you will need to call the solid waste hauler (989-879- 2700) or (800-578-2664) to pick the waste up.

The township Web Page is in the process of being changed. You will be informed when this has taken place.

Joe Dufort, Township Clerk 832-0964



As of this printing, all construction and 95% of the restoration have been completed in Districts 3 and 4. Districts 6 and 7 have had successful first public hearings. Plans have been drawn and an assessment has been determined. Second public hearing notices have been mailed.

The scope of the second public hearing is limited. The purpose of the second public hearing is to allow the Township Board to hear objections to the assessments to be levied and to correct any errors on the special assessment roll. Persons who object may address only the issues of whether their property was accurately assessed in relation to the benefits received, the total cost of the project and whether the proceedings to date are valid. All objections must be in writing if residents wish to appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.


Tom Pritchard 631-3806 Water Committee Chairman

Grace A. Dow Memorial Library
Call at 837-3430

Holiday Book Shoppers!
Monday, Nov. 3 from 2-4 pm
Library Lounge
Drop in for great book ideas, refreshments and the opportunity to discuss favorite books for gift giving with our librarians. No books available for

Business Seminar
Monday, Nov. 10, 6-8pm,
Library Lounge
Starting your own business? Learn the
basics from a local expert.

Author Jack Gantos Visits
Thursday, Nov. 13, 4:15 pm
Library Auditorium
Friday, Nov. 14, 10 am
especially for preschoolers.
Saturday, Nov. 15 at 10 am and 1 pm Battle of the Books Kickoff Speaker Perhaps you have read some of the Rotten Ralph or Joey Pigza books. Come and meet the author. Books for sale and signing.

Storytimes for ages newborn to preschool. Call the Youth Services Dep1. for details 837-3466.

Classic Movies in the Afternoon
2nd and 4th Tuesday each month
2 pm in the Library Auditorium.
Call for more information. Free Admission.

The Holiday Book Sale!
Open to the Public- Saturday, Nov. 14 10 am - 4:30 pm and Sunday, Nov. 16, 1-4 pm (1/2 price day!)
Sponsored by Friends of the Library


On September 17, residents of S1. Louis were told that the slurry wall built to protect them from the contaminants left at The Velsicol Chemical Company site had failed. Water is building up inside the clay "cap". This means that the City of S1. Louis as well as the Pine River itself are not protected from the many toxicants that are there. This matter is decades old and getting no better. Residents living close to the Pine River need to be aware of this.

(This was extracted from the Midland Daily News in early September.) Editor


Snowshoe and Ski the Algoma Region! This February, Chippewa Nature Center will offer a unique opportunity to snowshoe and ski the Algoma Region in Canada on a professionally guided trip. It's a chance to explore an area landscaped in big hills and wilderness areas.

The trip is set to take place from Feb. 26 through Mar. 1. Participants will take the Algoma Central Railway into rugged Canadian backcountry, to spend a few days enjoying the deep snow and beauty the area offers.

The train, which leaves Sault Ste. Marie at 9:00 am on Friday and travels 122 % miles through the scenic Agawa Canyon, will drop participants off at a nearby lodge. The group will then ski or snowshoe 2 miles to camp from the train drop-off. There will be opportunities to explore over 50 km of groomed trails for skiing, or snowshoe to the base of a huge majestic icefalls, to several mountain top lookouts or explore miles of exquisite beauty in unbroken snow.

Trip leaders include CNC Naturalist, Tom Lenon, and former CNC board member, Steve Kin, who both have extensive wilderness experience.

Tom has been a Naturalist at CNC for over 7 years and has led many field trips including several snowshoeing trips. His background, including a master's degree in Wildlife Management, working with the MDNR and other various natural resource consultants, will ensure a trip rich with natural history interpretation.

Steve Kin does a lot of skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, backpacking and has done extensive hikes at Mt. Everest twice. He has also done trail work on the Colorado trail, Midland to Mackinac trail and CNC's own Ridge trail.

Registration deadline for the trip is Jan. 16, 2004. Call for details: 989-631-0830.


Barb Radosa Supervisor 835- 5671
I Tew Treasurer 631-3422
Joe DufortClerk832-09642

Helen Mudd 631-3708
Tom Pritchard 631-3806
John Stern 835-4203
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Plumbing Inspector: Ted Van Wert 631-9645

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