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1136 East Prairie Rd., Midland, MI 48640
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Click here to see pictures of gravestones that have been taken by Rollin Yeakle.

Homer Township Cemetery, was designated as an Official State of Michigan Historical site on September 19 1991 after data, collected by Kenneth Dice and Joe DuFort was submitted to the State. The original area is the only area that has this status.Homer Township takes care of the Cemetery.

Homer Cemetery may have been established as early as 1836 and some of the first burials may have been Native Americans, however no markers have been found to verify this. The information came from some long time residents of the township and had been passed down from other generations.

Resident and Non-Residents may purchase lots. The lot price for residents is different then that of a Non-resident. The reason for this is that a resident pays for up keep of the cemetery in the operating milage in their taxes and non-residents do not pay a Homer Township milage.

Rules and Regulations

Homer Township Cemetery Charges:

Burial Charges:
4 P.M.
Sat. *
Adult/child age 6 & over
Infant from birth through Age 5
* Additional $100 per hour after 2:30
N/A = Not an option at Homer Township.

Winter Burials: $50.00 fee (as needed) will be charged for all burials where additional ground preparation is needed because of frozen ground.
  There is no entombment available in Homer Township.
  There are no graveside services; the chapel is used for all services.
Resident Lot Prices: $300.00 per lot for the first two lots purchased and $400.00 per lot for additional lots purchased.
Non-resident Lot Prices: $1000.00 per lot
Foundation Charges: $0.35 per square inch, which includes a 2-inch border larger than the stone
Deed Transfer Fee: $25.00 to be charged for this service.

The Homer Township Department of Public Works acts as the sexton for the Cemetery.

Upon request we can have foundations poured for those who need to have this done for their markers.

Homer Township takes care of putting veteran's flag holders on the lots of veterans and the township provides the flags for the holders. Flags are put out for Memorial Day and taken down after about one week.

The township has a Rules and Regulations booklet that can be obtained from the Clerk at the township hall or viewed by clicking here.