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About Homer Township

Homer Township was established in 1862. The township logo represents the 3 rivers in the township (Tittabawasee, Chippewa, Pine), the pine trees and stumps represent the logging days, and the arrows and Indian head dress for the areas Indians. Homer Township is the first township west of the City of Midland, is 4 miles wide, 6 miles long, and state route M-20 passes through the middle of the township connecting the cities of Midland and Mt. Pleasant.

Homer Township is the ideal location for those wishing to be close to the city while enjoying a more relaxed pace and atmosphere. There is a wide range of housing opportunities available in either a suburban or rural setting. A variety of shopping, recreational, cultural, educational and religious opportunities are available throughout the township. Chippewa Nature Center is located in Homer Township and is directly connected to the city of Midland by a bike path. With M-20 passing directly through the township there is also great business exposure. Ample land is available for both residential and business development.